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Lend an office chair from Savo!

Do you want to try an office chair that gives you a unique seating experience?

We are more than happy to lend you an office chair and on top of that we help you to adjust it according to your working position and specific needs.

Choose between the following chairs: Savo Soul Mesh | Savo Soul - 40, 50 or 60 cm high back, upholstered | Savo S3 | Savo Ikon/Maxikon | Savo Eos

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Savo Soul

Beyond Ergonomics - therefore Savo!

At Savo we beleive that the perfect seating position does not exist. We feel best when in motion. Therefore, all Savos office chairs are equipped with what we call Savo Floating Tilt. A technical solution that makes the chair follow your movements and allows you to sit as you please. A really good office chair allows, stimulates and supports motion.

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